Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Left Overs

Okay so I thought I'd try out blogging. I've been reading them for a while and thought I'd try it out. Perhaps I should stay with a little about me.

  • I am 36 and happily married.
  • Our 7th anniversary is coming up in March. For some reason I always have a hard time remembering what day.
  • We got married in Vegas. One of the BEST decisions we ever made.
  • I have two daughters. My oldest is 4 1/2 and my youngest is 2.
  • My daughters are truly miracle babies.
  • I have been told that my cheesecakes are the best ever.
  • Both of my daughters are sick and have been sick since last weekend when we were hit with the first blizzard. We have not played in the snow at all.
  • We discovered that my oldest is allergic to Amoxicillan. Did I mention that her Doctors office hasn't been opened all week due to the two blizzards.
  • My youngest insisted on wearing her black tights today. She loves to be fancy. Just like Nancy.

Well, there it is my first post. Nothing to exciting but maybe it will get better as time goes by.


  1. Thanks so much for playing along this week! Yeah for your first post :)

    My oldest is also allergic to amoxicillan, and oddly enough, we learned that last year during a big snowstorm! Hope your girls are feeling better soon and you are all able to get out and have some fun!

  2. Our anniversary is in March too (I would say I remember the date but now with the girls' birthday also in March, it's getting confusing)

    Welcome to the blogworld!

  3. I'm a friend of Danifred's, welcome to blogging!!

  4. And you joined Friday Night Leftovers with your first post! I think that makes it extra special.

  5. Welcome to blogging! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)